Before you jump to conclusions, I am not an “anti-Semite.” In fact, I support the Palestinians (true Semites) over the Jews (most of whom are Semites only in their minds).

Nor do I believe all Jews are evil. In fact, I can name at least three Jews I have enormous respect for—Jesus (who was effectively murdered by the Jews), the philosopher Spinoza (who was banished by the Jews), and the chess champion Bobby Fischer (who the Jews label a self-hating Jew).

Simple logic tells us there must be other good Jews out there somewhere, and they have my respect. In the meantime, this site focuses on the 99.9% of Jews who are Jewholes.

Apologies for the site logo, but I’ve never seen a Jew’s rectum. Surely, it can’t be round; how could they stash all those Holocaust welfare checks in a round hole?

Holocaust Welfare Check