I am the author of What Is Conspiracy? and China vs USA: A Primer for Skeptics. The sequels, China vs The Jews and Conspiracy Science, will be published in 2023 and 2024, and they’ll have lots to say about Jews.

I’m also working on a series of books about political science and philosophy that include the title Jews 101. When that series is finished, I’ll be ready to tackle yet another series focusing on … you guessed it … Jews. Actually, the first book in the series is scheduled for publication in September 2023. The title and subtitle say it all: Jewhole: The 100 Worst Jews.

Yes, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jeffrey Epstein, and Nostradamus are profiled in the book, along with a mob of murderers, rapists, gangsters, war criminals, pedophiles, sex traffickers, drug lords, banksters, media whores, and religious kooks, many of whom you likely already know. However, you don’t really know their stories because people seldom talk about them.

You can learn more about me at DavidBlomstrom.com. Check out more revolutionary books at KPowBooks.com.

China vs The Jews